Meet Helen Lou

Helen Lou
Contract Administrator
m. 0451 566 580

With an extensive background in property and finance in Beijing, Helen is a valuable addition to the team. Helen is primarily involved in managing contracts for Harvie Group’s clients in China. She also provides essential support services to China, managing communications via Harvie Group’s WeChat public number. Additionally, she plays an important role in publicising the company and upcoming project sales, in order to seek new investors and partners in the Asia-Pacific region.

Helen has a unique insight into the property industry in China, drawing from 16 years of experience as a property lawyer in Beijing. During her time at Beijing Vanke Property Services, she provided mortgage audits to prestigious financial businesses, including the China Construction Bank and the Bank of China, drafting, preparing and amending property sales contracts.

Helen has quickly found herself at home with the Harvie Group team and feels a strong connection to the company’s mission to improve people’s quality of life and assist them in securing a stable financial future. Impressed by the company’s commitment to providing high quality services to clients around the world, Helen hopes to continue her successful career here in Australia, with the support of the Harvie Group.

Now residing in Killara, Helen enjoys honing her golfing skills at Sydney’s fine golf courses and has kept up her enthusiasm for theatre and musicals. When the opportunity arises, she loves travelling both overseas and locally, and plans to discover more of her new adopted homeland.

Much more than just a local real estate agency, Harvie Group have successfully struck a rare niche in the property industry. We bring together both expertise in property sales and manage.