Meet Nicci Fuentes

Nicci Fuentes
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
m. 0420 647 000

Nicci Fuentes joins Harvie with a wealth of experience in real estate. In over 20 years in the industry, she gained an intricate understanding of all sides of the business, working in both customer service, sales and marketing and strategic business development.

At Harvie Group, Nicci’s marketing talents are on full display as she ensures every property up for sale makes an immediate, standout impression the second it hits the market, backed by a highly targeted, highly visible campaign.

As well as coordinating listings, Nicci works closely with the on-the-ground sales team, assisting with client communications prior to pre-settlement.

With her Business Development Management background, Nicci is also assisting the Property Management team in laying down new foundations and structures for growing potential new business.  

An energetic and proactive team player, Nicci has a way with people from diverse backgrounds, quickly building trusting two-way relationships with clients.

When asked why a property professional of her calibre was drawn to Harvie Group, Nicci credits her decision to the culture and warm professional relationships working for a family business affords.

Additionally, she believes Harvie Group’s ‘punching above their weight’ performance and innovative and ambitious leadership are a great fit for a consummate professional such herself, currently riding at the peak of her career.

The dynamic and supportive team allows her positive personal attributes to shine – a helpful ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude, and a courteous, humble and polite manner with both clients and colleagues.

While many staff say they feel like a part of the family at Harvie Group, Nicci can actually lay claim to blood relations! Her niece’s are Property Manager/Business Development Manager Ciara and Leasing Consultant Bianca.

Family therefore plays an integral role in both Nicci’s personal and professional life. At the moment, she truly has a work cut out for her, juggling both work and her newest pride and joy, baby Oscar.