Meet Storm

New Business Assistant / Mascot/ Head of Letterbox Distribution



Family is integral to Harvie Group as a business, and that spirit has always extended to the include the ‘Harvie Dog’ as a part of the team.

After 14 years walking the streets of Sydney and befriending countless locals, the original Harvie Group mascot, Samson, passed on his duties to the youngest member of the HG team, Storm. Since becoming a familiar face in the Pymble office, Storm has taken on additional territory with the expansion of several new Harvie Group offices.

Storm is an English Staffordshire bull terrier who was welcomed into the Harvie family as a puppy towards the end of 2017. Storm’s happy-go-lucky personality, eagerness to make new friends and undeniable good looks have made him a huge hit with clients (sometimes we think they might be finding reasons to visit the office just to see if he’s in).

Storm plays a major role making personal connections within the community and loves meeting locals on his all-important letterbox rounds. During his downtime, he enjoys energetic romps at West Pymble Dog Park, as well as Sunday outings on the Bondi to Bronte walk.

Much more than just a local real estate agency, Harvie Group have successfully struck a rare niche in the property industry. We bring together both expertise in property sales and manage.