Meet Tim Robertson

Tim Robertson
Inhouse Barista
m. 0430 984 373

Working in the high stakes world of Sydney property requires quick thinking, razor focus and unwavering stamina. The Harvie Group action squad are endlessly on the move, visiting construction sites, meeting clients in-home or sweating it out on various job sites.

While Harvie Group punch well above their weight for a Real Estate Agency, their offices aren’t exactly Google. Their HQ lacks a mini-golf course, a rock-climbing wall and a giant futuristic sculpture gallery. However, they have been afforded at least one perk, providing an undisputed contribution to workplace morale.

In-house barista Tim partners with Allpress Espresso to lift spirits and inspire greatness as he delivers freshly ground, liquid satisfaction on tap to the office’s staff, guests and any regular visitors who’ve worked out Tim’s rostered hours.

The self-proclaimed coffee experts among Harvie Group staff wholeheartedly contend that Tim makes a damn fine macchiato and that his latte art is just lovely. He’s even mastered signing the Harvie Group logo on top of a flat white.

Tim may not have scored any record-busting sales, but we suspect his triple shot espressos may have contributed to a few.