Mia Harvie

Mia Harvie Mia Harvie

Service Coordinator

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Mia is the third of the Harvie girls to join the family business. With youthful enthusiasm on her side, she has decided to assist dad Chris Harvie with growing Harvie Group’s sister company, Surface. Mia has taken on the role of Service Coordinator, as well as assisting in business development.

Mia is responsible for organising appointments, and building relationships with a list of exceptionally impressed clients taking advantage of Surface’s unique approach to property cleaning and maintenance.

Mia was keen to forge her own path while working under the family name  and hopes to play a major part in making Surface equally as successful as Harvie Group. Keenly aware that working with family can be a delicate business, Mia credits the Harvie’s close bonds as a blessing that holds the business together and creates a supportive and motivating environment that welcomes all its staff into the family too.

She is immensely proud of the Harvie name’s association with the North Shore, a place she feels privileged to call home. From her schooling years at PLC to working at a favourite local gym to meeting members of the community – family owner-occupiers, investors and tenants – through Surface,  she has continually deepened her connection  to the area, its people and its many examples of stunning architecture.

Many customers have noted Mia’s special gift with animals and children. Familiar clients often comment on how the young ones in the family often ask for Mia by name. Mia’s kind, patient and attentive nature is a wonderful asset to the team, along with a creative mind full of fresh ideas. As her talents develop, they are sure to bring Surface to the attention of Sydney property owners seeking only the very best in customer service.