Chris Harvie

After 35+ years in off-the-plan sales, Chris is still leading the sales team on the ground.

Chris Harvie is fully responsible for every sales project undertaken by Harvie Group, by leading the sales enquiries and overseeing every listing and project. Chris' industry knowledge is unmatched and he knows that a fast, personal response to all enquiries is vital, backed by detailed product, market and area knowledge. He calls this the “Harvie Approach”.

Chris personally trains each of his team members, instilling his own sense of honesty, integrity and dedication to his entire team, who for the most part have worked with Harvie Group for their entire careers in the property industry. Harvie Group is proud of its dynamic and inclusive team culture, which is unique to the property industry and keeps clients coming back again and again.

"Clearly shown through my track record I achieve the results that others strive for. We are constantly outshining our competition, both local and international. My clients place their trust in me for good reason."